What's my home worth?

Ask Robbie-REX



What makes us different?


We don’t use computer algorithms to determine the value of your home.  Instead, we use licensed Real Estate Agents to carefully research homes that have recently sold in your area.  The best part is we do it a zero cost to you!


Why don’t you charge?

To that we say, why would we?  We value relationships over transactions. 


What’s the catch?

Believe it or not, there is no catch.  You are never obligated to use any other service we provide. NEVER!



Property Appraisals

We don't do appraisals, but rather we provide a free market analysis of your home.  This is what Real Estate Agents use to price a property.

No Registration

No registrations, no passwords, and best of all no cost.

Large Coverage‏

We specialize in Clark County Washington.

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